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Intensive Driving Course

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Successful Drivers

Which Course do I Choose?

Refresher Course

Already at a reasonable driving 

Intermediate Course

Covered the fundamentals to a reasonable standard?

Beginner Course

Had some or no driving 

Assessment Course

Unsure which course to take? Book one of these and an instructor will assess and recommend a course for you.

Pass Plus

Posttest course that could save you money on your insurance.

Full License Holder Refresher Course

4, 8 or 12 hour courses to get you back on the road.

Which Course is right for me?

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Which Course?

Our intensive courses are available across most of Bristol and surrounding areas. You can use the “Which Course do I Want” link to see which course is recommended or contact us if you do not see what you require.



Pay Deposit

Choose a potential start date and then book in by paying the required deposit online (via PayPal) or make a Bank transfer.



What about the tests?

Bristol Intensives will secure a suitable practical test date as soon as possible using our test cancellation service, this will enable you to jump ahead of the queue and pass much quicker than the usual waiting times.



What about the Instructor

We will allocate a highly qualified DVSA approved Driving Instructor, they will make contact with you to arrange an appropriate schedule suitable to your requirements. Don't worry! We will be with you every step of the way. 

Why Choose Bristol Intensives?

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0333 577 4410
0743 467 2118

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat : 8am to 8pm
Sunday Closed

Our Instructors

Instructor David


Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule, in the rain double it again!"

Instructor Pradeep


"Driving in multiple lane situations? Keep a safety bubble around your vehicle, 2 seconds ahead 2 seconds behind and clear on either side!"

Instructor Theo


"Don’t forget to check your blind spots before moving off! Look for road users coming out of other roads and driveways as well."

Instructor Ayesha


"If you make a mistake, deal with it and forget about it. Focus on the problem ahead of you and not behind you! "

Instructor Sid


"When approaching junctions, slow to stop but look to go! Turning left look right-left-right, turning right look left-right-left. "

Instructor Tania


"The big circular red edged speed signs are a speed change. The small ones are there to repeat the speed limit; they are not a speed change. Look into side roads for the speed change signs so that you can decide what the speed limit on your road is."